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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from Goaltickets.com?

For over 12 years, Goaltickets.com has been selling tickets and packages. With our many years of expertise, we are a major trusted ticket company in obtaining the best seating at popular and sold out events from sports and concerts, to theater and opera. We are an independent business which looks for the best rates from all suppliers, ensuring the highest quality of tickets at the lowest possible price.

How do I search for tickets on Goaltickets.com?

Simply type the name of the performer or team in the search box at the top right-hand of the screen, then click “Search” and a list will be displayed. Click on the name of the event and the list of dates will appear. This is the easiest way to find tickets.

How secure is information about me?

We protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you input to prevent theft of your information or identity.

How can I track my ticket package?

You can track your ticket package using the FedEx tracking number you’ll receive after placing an order through our website. This number is generated by the ticket seller of the order and will be sent to you in an email by GoalTickets.

Why do we use Fed Ex?

The speedy and secure delivery provided by FedEx ensures that tickets will arrive promptly after they are shipped. (Please note that FedEx shipping doesn't mean tickets will necessarily ship immediately after an order is placed. FedEx shipping speeds only refer to the speed at which you will receive tickets after the tickets themselves are shipped.) Should secured courier delivery not be an option due to time constraints or justifying circumstances, we will set up additional options such as Will Call or e-mail delivery in some cases.

How do I access US event tickets if I am an international customer?

1. There are three main ways to access event tickets for US-based events if you are an international customer: Order tickets marked as being available for will call, email, local pickup (etc): Tickets are only available using one of the above methods if that method is specifically advertised on the listing notes and/or during checkout.

2. Order tickets and input a US-based shipping address: You should use this option if the event is more near-term in nature and you could potentially have the tickets shipped to a friend’s house in the US or even a hotel.

3. Order tickets and input your home address for shipment: You should use this option if the event concerned is a while away and thus likely to ship before your travels. Please note that you can always contact your ticket supplier directly to provide an alternate (US-based) address (if needed).

Will I get my tickets before the event?

All tickets are guaranteed to be delivered in time for the event once a ticket order is accepted. Customers who don’t receive their tickets in time will be refunded 100% of the total order (see our guarantee).

How soon will I receive E-tickets?

Tickets aren't always available for immediate e-delivery after order placement due to the fact that some primary ticket providers don't distribute electronic tickets until closer to the event itself. Customers should therefore contact their seller directly for an accurate timetable for emailing tickets.

Will my seats be together?

If you purchased tickets from the same line item, your tickets will be together unless otherwise stated in the notes section.

Does my child need a ticket?

Most events require everyone to have a ticket to enter. There may be some exceptions, so check the venue's official policy.

What time does my event start?

Event dates and times are listed on most events and printed on the tickets. Start times are always subject to change. It is your responsibility to check with the event sponsor and venue for any possible changes in date and time prior to the event. If you are unable to locate that information, then please contact us.

What am I allowed and not allowed to bring into the venue?

For a list of prohibited items, please check the venue official website.

Can I bring a camera to the event?

Each venue has its own policy regarding the use of cameras during a performance. It is best to contact the venue directly prior to the event to receive detailed information on the specific event.

What if I received an error when placing an order online?

Please make sure you fill out all of the required fields on our checkout page. There will be a red error message next to any fields that are incorrect or incomplete. Also be sure you are providing the billing address that is on file with your credit card company. If the error continues, please contact us either through our e-mail: sales@goaltickets.com or by phone which can be found in the contact us page.

Do the listed ticket prices differ from face value?

The price you pay for tickets may be substantially higher than face value, which is the price printed on the ticket.

Can I change my shipping address after ordering?

Customers need to contact us directly in order to ascertain if their tickets could be shipped to a different address from the one officially noted on the order. We are very security-conscious about where we ship tickets and so only will likely alter your delivery information if it is truly necessary.

What if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Goal Tickets is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. We strongly recommend that customers protect all tickets as they would cash. Our Sales Terms specifically state that "Lost or Stolen Tickets will not be replaced under any circumstances." We will attempt to have them reissued, but nevertheless tickets are the sole responsibility of the ticket purchaser.

Are the tickets I ordered available?

Tickets Subject to Availability:
Due to the nature of the ticket industry, tickets are subject to availability. We operate in a "live market" where tickets are bought and sold frequently. While we try to keep our inventory as up to date as possible; there are rare occasions where tickets offered on the website are unavailable. We guarantee that the tickets you receive are identical, comparable or better than the ones you ordered, or your money back. Actual section, seat and row numbers may vary from those purchased on Goaltickets.com. It is up to the sole discretion of Goaltickets to determine what makes a "comparable" or "better" ticket for replacement purposes. Replacement Tickets:
We urge our ticket resellers to update their inventory as quickly as possible. This does not always happen as the event date approaches and the tickets sell more quickly. If the seats ordered by a customer are unavailable, we will make every effort possible to find suitable replacement tickets. If a customer is not 100% satisfied with the replacement tickets, or if we are unable to find replacement tickets in time, we will offer a 100% full refund.

I have received an order confirmation. Has my credit card been charged?

No. When we receive the order, we authorize the amount of the order on the credit card, but the amount is not actually charged until the ticket seller confirms the order. Once the order is confirmed we will charge the credit card, and you are guaranteed to receive your tickets before the event. Please remember that you are always protected by our 100% Buyer Guarantee.

Will the prices of the tickets decrease as the event approaches?

In some cases the prices of the tickets go up, in others prices could go down. With this being a live market for tickets, there is no way of knowing with certainty how prices could fluctuate in the future. We recommend purchasing tickets as early as possible prior to the event. Buying tickets in advance will ensure attendance, regardless of market changes.

What option do I have if I do not receive my tickets?

Customers can easily track the status of their order online or track the tickets via FedEx if the tickets have already shipped. Sometimes tickets will not ship immediately because the seller does not have them "in hand." It is important to note that these options are based on the date the tickets are ready to ship out, rather than the day that they are purchased. If it is three days prior to the event and tickets still have not been delivered, please contact us at: sales@goaltickets.com. If the order has been processed, customers will receive tickets in time for the event. This is part of our 100% Buyer Guarantee.

E-Tickets won't print, how can I retrieve them?

In order to print your tickets, please have Cookies, Javascript, and Adobe Plugins enabled. Try saving the file to your desktop, open it and select "Print" from the "file" menu.
*Additionally, you may need to upgrade your browser and/or Adobe Acrobat Reader to their latest versions. You can download the latest version here: Download Adobe Acrobat.

Will I get a refund if my event is rescheduled, rained out, or postponed?

Events are sometimes rescheduled, rained out, or postponed due to the artist, venue, or promoter. We offer a full refund minus shipping for canceled events only. Postponed or rescheduled events are non-refundable.

Can I cancel my order for any reason after I place an order?

The Sales Terms and Conditions at Goaltickets.com state that all sales are final. Only when an event is canceled without being rescheduled will a full refund minus the cost of shipping be issued.
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